All My Loved Ones - Lucky Boy ~ By Olivera Jugovic

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Lucky eating his veggies

We adopted Lucky Boy (boar, orange American shorthair) and Amy (Peruvian) from "Guinea Pigs R Us Rescue" a couple of weeks after Gini and Snickers had passed. Lucky Boy was about one year at that time and was dropped off at the rescue by an old lady who couldn't care for him any longer.

The first time when I had met Lucky in the rescue and was holding him in my arms, he was purring with slightly closed eyes and I could feel his positive spirit. I had a little chat with him and when I put him down in the cage, he started to wheek, looking at me to pick him up again. It was that moment when he won me over and touched my soul. I snuggled with him again, kissed his head and promised to come back to bring him home, and never to leave him.

I had never called him only Lucky, I had called him Lucky Boy. He was my handsome charming boy with the fabulous spirit, gregarious and outgoing personality and it was my way to address him.

We had to have him neutered since we initially planned that he would share a pen with girls Mini and Amy. But he didn't know how to behave himself with the ladies. He had always chased them around and then they would wrestle. The ladies didn't find him attractive. I don't know why. For me personally, he was the handsomest pig ever. In order to avoid someone being hurt, we had to separate them for their own personal safety. We placed his cage over the pen, so it looked like he was living on the second floor and ladies on the main floor. I thought it was a transient phase during his puberty and accepted him as such.

Contrary to this, he took on the role of a protector. Whenever I picked up Amy (she was wild when we adopted her), she would squeak with fear and Lucky Boy would come to the bars squeaking and trying to protect and help her.

During their play time in the living room I would place all three pigs together (Mini, Amy and Lucky). Lucky Boy had always behaved himself and looked a little scared of the ladies and big room.

I brought all piggies (Mini, Amy and Lucky Boy) out to the balcony on a regular basis during the summer and watched over them. I also planted parsley, which they enjoyed eating. Lucky Boy was so scared and apprehensive whenever I put him down on the balcony to play with the ladies and to investigate an area. He was always hiding in his pigloo or behind a flower pot. I realized that he was scared of open spaces and would always put him on my chest, cuddle him and he would have such a nice nap in the fresh air. I enjoyed all the moments thinking: "There is nowhere I would rather be than right here with you". I believe that Lucky Boy had enjoyed basking in my attention. We had happy times and enjoyed a wonderful bond.

One interesting thing that I didn't notice with other pigs is the way Lucky Boy expressed his happiness at veggie time. When we fed him vegetables by hand, he would grab a piece (carrot, pepper, cucumber etc.) and carry it around to his pigloo in his mouth like a little dog. But during his running around, he often dropped the piece of vegetable. He would enter his pigloo and realize that he lost it, and go out of his pigloo to look around where he dropped his food. He was incredibly humorous during his unique expression of happiness. He took my mind off my worries and made me laugh a million times. He really knew how to make the moment worth living.

Lucky Boy would stand up on his hind legs in the pellet bowl, leaning over the cage, squeaking, waiting for me to bring him veggies. He looked somehow clumsy and I kept telling him: "Lucky Boy, you are going to break your hind legs". He could do the slightest thing and it would warm my heart.

Lucky enjoying cuddling time with my husband

Lucky Boy was a joy to be around. He had spread light in all directions. His vitality and zest for life were contagious. He was able to keep my spirits up and uplift me when I felt discouraged. He was so genuine; there was nothing fake about him. He was the most laid back of all my piggies, personable, full of pep and totally comfortable in his own skin. Lucky Boy was socialized and he never ran when I tried to pick him up. He was very vocal and the loudest of our pigs.

Lucky Boy liked to be cuddled very much and he would always complain if we held him the way he didn't like, and was very happy and calm (with half closed eyes) by holding him the way he wanted. I thought that the look he gave me was somehow sad, but my daughter thought that he had the absolute sweetest look in his eyes.

Lucky Boy had his first tooth surgery while at "Guinea Pigs R Us Rescue", then a second surgery in May 2009 while living with us. After that he was good for a couple of months. His third surgery was in September and he had recovered completely, but it only a lasted short period of time.

I was back home visiting my parents when my husband called me and told me that Lucky Boy was eating very slowly. It had taken me by surprise because his third malocclusion surgery was only a month before, in September. His last (fourth) surgery was in October and he couldn't recover after that. Our vet (cavy savvy) told us that his teeth were genetically prone to grow fast and that Lucky Boy had weak muscles that made him chew food improperly. The vet did the last surgery on Lucky to enable the proper muscles for chewing to become stronger, but unfortunately it didn't work out.

I hoped for a miracle. Looking at my big, charming, handsome Lucky Boy slowly turn frail and weak was excruciatingly painful. We showered him with extra attention, especially my husband who was very fond of him. We handfed him for two and a half weeks after the last surgery, chopped vegetables into small pieces and had given him a pain killer daily. We were heartbroken that we couldn't help him recover and spend more years with our family bringing laughter and happiness into our lives.

When Lucky Boy had passed on November 5th,, 2009 I cried my heart out. It was the last time I would hold him in my arms. I had stroked his body and kissed his head, just like the first time when I met him in the rescue and promised never to leave him.

Thank you for all the joy and laughter you brought me, Lucky Boy. Thank you for letting me into your heart. Your sense of humor had turned my frown into a smile. You filled my heart to overflow with happiness. Your death hit me hard but you didn't go without fight. I love you to pieces, I always have and I always will. I miss you beyond words. I miss you sleeping on my chest, your morning wheeking and your laps around the cage. I feel emptiness that can never be filled.

You were my special boy, not because you were a funny and charming guinea boy, but rather by being a loving friend. You were my extraordinarly wonderful and fantastic little boy, my unforgettable little buddy. You earned a special place in my heart that no one could ever touch. I will never forget you, my sweet, funny Lucky Boy.

I wish I could turn the clock back, if only I could. I wish for time with all of you. I believe that someday, somehow that wish will come true. Good-bye my beloved Lucky Boy and look over our angels Bella, Gini and Snickers.