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Litter Training Your New Kitten

How exciting, you're about to get a new kitten! Unfortunately not all kittens have been litter trained yet. Litter training a kitten takes some time and a lot of patience, treats and praise.

You'll need a few basic items to get started:

  • A small litter box with low sides to make it easy for your kitten to get in and out. If there is more then 1 kitten, you will need another box.
  • Old fashioned unscented clay cat litter works best. You'll only need approximately 1-2 inches of litter in the box. Clumping and scented litters can be used once your kitten is a bit older and has established good litter box habits.
  • A narrow slotted scoop to clean the litter.

Find a quiet place to put your litter box, some place where your kitten will be spending most of his time. Fill the box with approximately 1-2 inches of litter.

As soon as you bring your new kitten home, bring him to the litter box and put him in it. If your kitten doesn't immediately start scratching in the litter, gently take his front paws and show him how to do the digging motions. You may have to repeat this a few times until your kitten catches on.

It is important to clean the litter daily since cats are less likely to use the box properly if it is dirty.

Keep an eye on your kitten for signs that he needs to use the litter box, such as circling or digging. Pick your kitten up gently and quickly bring him to the litter box. Kittens normally need to void hourly, so set a timer if need be to set and reinforce good litter box habits.

If your kitten has an accident on the floor, place him in the litter box. Clean the spot up very well with carpet cleaner or Nature's Miracle which will remove any smells that will attract your kitten to return.

Each time your kitten successfully uses the litter box, praise him with cuddles or a treat.

Courtesy of Marilyn Murray ~ For The Love of Animals