Holiday Dangers

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Keeping Your Pet Safe During The Holidays

With family and friends visiting and routines changing, it's easy to be sidetracked when it comes to supervising our pets. Dogs and cats don't know what's bad for them, so it is up to us to ensure they remain safe during the holidays. There are so many new and different things to check out, and cats aren't the only ones that are curious.

Top 8 dangers to pets

  • Holiday foods, including candy, nuts and chocolate. It is recommended that you don't change your pets diet at holiday time
  • Unattended alcoholic drinks & guest medications left within reach
  • Floral arrangements & holiday plants including Poinsettias, Mistletoe, especially mistletoe berries, holly, hibiscus, lilies and tree needles
  • Tree ornaments, especially tinsel and glass ornaments, ornament hooks & Christmas tree water
  • Electrical cords and batteries
  • Ribbons & plastic wrappings, Styrofoam packaging
  • Lit candles cause burns and fires, never leave a lit candle unattended
  • Securely tie your tree to the wall do avoid rambunctious or excited cats or dogs from knocking the tree over

Most importantly, enjoy the holidays with your pet!

Courtesy of Marilyn Murray ~ For The Love of Animals